White Witch

We Keep You In Stitches

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No need to be afraid of this witch - she'll never cast a harmful spell, or curse anyone.  Unlike her Dark Sisters, she's a white witch, and so she uses only white magic.  With her owl friend by her side, and her cat Snowdrop always ready to help, she might be preparing to animate that broom to help with the cleaning!  

The White Witch is made of cotton fabrics with a painted and sculpted face.  Her dress is made of various sparkly fabrics with a light gray spider lace overlay; her hair is hand-dyed wool, her hat is felt and her broom is made with a real twig and raffia.  She wears a "silver" moon pendant.  Her owl friend is a "mushroom bird", her cat is made of felt.  She stands about 17" to the tip of her hat, and she stands on a 5"X7" wooden base.  One of a kind.

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