About Us

"Faerie is all around us" says fabric artist Katherine Pilipauskas, who brings the world of the Fae to life with her sculptures.  Made entirely of various fabrics, faeries, mermaids, dragons and unicorns are only some of the creations to emerge from her studio.  "Fantasy and Myth are part of out lives, but for most it is left behind with childhood.  I attempt to show the fantastical that exists alongside the everyday.  Sometimes it is strange, sometimes familiar, and sometimes a little of both."



Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, I've been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since I was old enough to read.  When I discovered I couldn't draw, dollmaking became the perfect creative outlet for all the images in my head!  I was named the official soft sculptor of Faery in 2001.



My creations are all fabric, but may be embellished with anything from sticks and twigs to sequins, beads and vintage jewelry.  Many pieces are one of a kind (OOAK), but sometimes I have to make a piece in every possible color so everyone can have one!  Now living in Connecticut, I sell my work at juried art fairs and my website.  Special and custom orders are welcome.