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Asleep in the Fairy Garden

We Keep You In Stitches

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On a warm summer's day, deep in the woods, a small Fae has built a fairy garden.  All the rage in the human lands, they are surprisingly popular in Faery as well.  And this one was so much work, he needed a little nap upon finishing.  So luckily there was a hammock right there!  And since the tiny details in this fairy garden make it very attractive, I'm sure he'll have company before too long.

The little fae Sleeping in the Fairy Garden is made of doe suede with a painted and sculpted face and inset eyes.  His clothes are made of various fabrics; his hair is hand-dyed Tibetan lamb.  The fairy garden features a tiny gazebo, bench, chair, table and bird house on a post; all are dollhouse miniatures.  The trees are preserved evergreen branches.  The wooden base is about 11" wide and 9" deep, and is embellished with moss and faux mushrooms; the trees are about 13" at the highest point.  The Fae is about 7" long.  One of a kind.

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