Volantis the Dragon

We Keep You In Stitches

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Named for a constellation, Volantis the Dragon is truly a star.  With her bright red coloring, you can't miss her as she flies overhead.  But she's just as striking resting on her pedestal.  Volantis will be fierce when necessary, but is a true friend always.

Volantis is made of cotton fabrics, embellished with fabric paint.  She is wired through the body for posing, and her tail can be curled or uncurled, as desired.  Sitting atop her pedestal, Volantis is about 25" tall, and with her tail curled as pictured, she is about 24" long.  The pedestal is a resin candle holder.  She is not attached to the pedestal, but balances well, and is secured by a chain link leash.   One of a kind.

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