Fairy House - Treetop House

We Keep You In Stitches

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High among the leaves lies a repurposed bird's nest - a fairy has made it her bedroom.  With the open roof she can watch the stars, or can sit on her little second-floor balcony and talk to the birds who have moved into the little birdhouse.

The Treetop House is made of book set slipcases, embellished with moss and sticks.  The bird's nest is a small basket, embellished with Angelina fiber, a tiny pillow and a blanket from a piece of vintage hankie.  The tiny stool is made of twigs embellished with moss and a tiny pillow seat cushion.  A small tin birdhouse holds a mushroom bird.  The box is decoupaged with mulberry paper, and is about 4"x6.5"x11"tall.  Battery operated fairy lights add a little magic to the scene (an extra set of batteries is included).  One of a kind.

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