Treasures of the Mermaid

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Shipwrecks are common in the ocean, but this one left a treasure chest of jewels on the sea bottom.  A mermaid has found it, and may adorn herself with some of the treasure within.  Or she may leave it for another of her kind, perhaps choosing only a single piece as a keepsake.

Treasures of the Mermaid is made of cotton fabrics, with a painted and sculpted face.  Her hair is a wig of hand-dyed mohair, her tail and flukes are foiled, her "seaweed" accents are singed organza.  The base is a 6" diameter wood slice, embellished with sand, seashells and seastars; the treasure chest is a wood finding, embellished with faux pearls and costume jewelry.  The mermaid sits about 11" tall.  One of a kind.

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