The Fae's Picnic

We Keep You In Stitches

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On a lovely summer's day, a Fae waits for someone to join him for a picnic in a mossy glen.  But beware if you think you might want to partake of it.  Humans consuming fairy food pay a price - perhaps the food isn't food at all, but only glamoured leaves, twigs and rain water.  You might not survive it.  Perhaps for each bite you take, seven years pass in the human realm; when you return home, everyone you know will be gone.  Possibly all it would take is one bite to bind you to the Faery realm, and you could never return home.  I wouldn't chance it.

The Fae's Picnic figure is made of cotton and doe suede with a sculpted face and inset eyes; his hair is wool and his wings are painted paper.  He sits on a wooden base embellished with moss; the tea set is ceramic.  The Fae sits about 8" tall on the base; the base itself is about 8"X11".  One of a kind.

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