The Leprechaun

We Keep You In Stitches

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'Tis Himself!  A Leprechaun seated on a fallen log with his pot of gold - perhaps he's waiting for a rainbow so he can put that pot at the end.  Perhaps he's waiting for a good friend for tea (or a wee nip).  Should you come upon a leprechaun on your journey, always be polite; and try not to pay excessive attention to that pot of gold - it's probably fairy gold that will turn back into a pile of leaves at sunrise.  The joke's on you!

The Leprechaun is made of doe suede, with a sculpted face and inset eyes.  His hair is made of wool locks, his clothes are made of velvet and cotton, his shoes and hat are felt.  He sits upon a real piece of log on a wooden base; his shillelagh is a real branch.  The Leprechaun is about 15" tall to the top of his hat; the log is about 14" wide.  One of a kind.

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