The Fairy and the Butterfly

We Keep You In Stitches

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As the summer air is warmed by the sun, butterflies begin to emerge from their chrysalises, and will find a warm place to dry their wings.  This little fairy has found a newly emerged butterfly, and comes face to face with a new friend.  She can't wait to share the air with the butterfly, showing her all the best places to sip nectar, rest her wings and bask in the sun.  Look closely the next time you see a butterfly; you might see a fairy as well.

The Fairy is made of cotton fabrics with a painted and sculpted face; her skirt is organza.  Her wings are heat-treated Angelina film, and her hair is a wig of hand-dyed Tibetan lamb, embellished with tiny faux oak leaves and a paper rose.  The Butterfly is made of tulle, wire and glitter; the mushroom is foam and paper.  The wooden base is about 8"X6", embellished with moss and tiny mushrooms.  The Fairy is about 9" tall as she kneels.  One of a kind.

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