Fairy Queen on Twig Throne

We Keep You In Stitches

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Beloved by her subjects, the Fairy Queen has been given a new throne for the upcoming Midsummer revels.  Built by her finest woodworkers, and accented with moss, ferns, vines, mushrooms and fairy dust, it is truly fit for a queen.  And with a comfy cushion included, she may just decide to take a nap before the festival begins.

The Fairy Queen is made of cotton fabrics, with a painted and sculpted face.  Her dress is made of silk and glittered paper leaves, her hair is hand-dyed Tibetan mohair.  She wears a crown of silk oak leaves, and shoes of flower petals topped with roses.  Her wings are wired Angelina film.  The throne is made of sticks and twigs, embellished with glitter, moss and silk vines.  The mushrooms and ferns are hand-made.  The queen sits about 12" tall; the throne is about 21" to the tip of the tallest branch, and is about 11" wide and 10" deep.  One of a kind.

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