Fairy Boat Races

We Keep You In Stitches

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Perching precariously on a tree stump, a little Fae is getting ready to release his entry into the Fairy Boat Race.  His may not be the biggest, but he hopes it will be the fastest.  And if not, he'll try again next time.  The prizes may not be grand - mostly just bragging rights - but the fun is in the building, and in the company gathered at the river's edge to watch the race.

The Fae is made of deer suede with a sculpted face and inset glass eyes.  His hair is faux fur, his clothing is made of wool and cotton.  The large fairy boats are made of silk and skeletonized leaves embellished with beads, ribbons and glitter; the small boats are made of seed pods and small wood pieces embellished with leaves, beads and glitter.  The "river" base is about 8"X10"; the tree stump is on a 3" circular base, and the Fae is about 12" tall sitting on the stump.  Please note this tableau is in two separate pieces. One of a kind.

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