Esmerelda the Gypsy Dancer

We Keep You In Stitches

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In a quiet clearing in the forest, a band of gypsies has made camp.  When evening falls, and the moon shines brightly, lovely strains of music can be heard.  And Esmerelda dances.  Keeping tempo with her tambourine, she steps lightly, swirling and turning.  All eyes watch her as she moves, slowly as the music weeps, spritely as the music laughs.  When one dance ends, she will watch another until she cannot keep still, and she rejoins the dancers.

Esmerelda is made of cotton fabrics, with a painted and sculpted face, and hand-dyed Tibetan lamb wool for hair.  Her clothing is made of various fabrics; she is embellished with beaded jewelry, and faux roses in her hair.  The wooden base is embellished with moss, silk leaves and faux mushrooms.  Esmerelda is about 14" tall, and the base is about 5" X 8".  One of a kind.

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