Drunken Troll

We Keep You In Stitches

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That Fairy Wine sure has a kick to it!  This troll has found a bottle and has spent the afternoon drinking, and now he can barely hold his head up!  So he's resting against a comfy mushroom, and watching the day go by.  I hope he doesn't regret his indulgence tomorrow (but I suspect trolls don't regret much).

The Drunken Troll is made of velour with a sculpted face and inset glass eyes.  His clothing is wool and cotton; his hair is faux fur.  The mushroom is a foam miniature and the wine bottle is a wooden ornament.  The wooden base is about 6"X9" and is embellished with moss.  The Troll is about 7" tall at his head, and about 12" long.  One of a kind.

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