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Song of the Mermaid

We Keep You In Stitches

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If you listen closely, you can hear strains of music over the splashing of the waves.  Then look closely, and you'll see her: a mermaid playing her lyre, and singing a song.  Does she sing of sailors she's watched on the water, or of her lost love?  We are drawn to the music, but must take care not to fall under her spell, or we might find ourselves lost under the sea forever.

The Song of the Mermaid is made of cotton and shiny faux vinyl fabrics, with a painted and sculpted face.  Her hair is wool roving, and she is adorned with singed organza "seaweed" and a costume jewelry pearl necklace.  Her lyre is hand made.  The base is a piece of aquarium driftwood, and is embellished with tiny beads, sea stars and seashells.  She is about 17" long, but is 12" sitting; the base is about 7"X9".  One of a kind.

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