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Life is a Beach!

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Where else would you expect to find a mermaid on a sunny summer's day?  At the beach, of course!  Sitting under her umbrella to protect her delicate skin, she likes to relax and listen to the waves just like we do.  Maybe she'll collect a few seashells from the shore to take back with her to her home; a small reminder that Life is a Beach!

The mermaid is made of cotton and sequined fabrics, with a painted and sculpted face.  Her hair is wool roving tied up with faux pearls; and she wears a pair of sunglasses while sitting in her Adirondack chair.  Her umbrella is decoupaged and varnished tissue paper, the wooden base is a plaque about 9-1/2" X 7" and it is covered with sand and real seashells and sea stars.  The mermaid is about 17" long and the umbrella is about 16" tall.  One of a kind.

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