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You might think that a fire-breathing dragon and paper books would be a disaster waiting to happen, but you would be wrong.  These are Book Wyrms, and books are their greatest treasure!  You can keep your e-books and e-readers; these dragons are very retro, and proud of it (just like me!).  So pull up a comfy chair, put your feet up and lose yourself in a good book with your very own Book Wyrm.

Each Book Wyrm is made of various sparkly, glittered or textured fabric, with a mane of marabou and gossamer wings of Angelina fiber.  Eyes are glass, they wear reading glasses (of course) and toes are wired for posing.  The Book Wyrm is about 10" long and the vintage book is included.  Colors are available as shown; if you'd like a custom color Book Wyrm, include your choice in a "Note to Seller" on the shopping cart page.  Fabrics will vary.

If you'd like to specify the book title that comes with your dragon, drop me a note from the Contact Me page and I'll send you a list of the titles I have in stock.

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