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Fairy Cottage - Pumpkin House

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Hang this cottage in the corner of the room, and in the night by the light of the moon, in a friendly home where love abides, a fairy soon will dwell inside! 

These charming Fairy Cottages are approximately 9" tall, and embellished with silk flowers, twigs, moss and a small woodland creature (bird, butterfly, etc.); may also include a pet dog or cat inside..  Each is furnished, with a bedroom, reading room or fairy feast (dining room); other scenes are available upon request.  All include a ribbon loop to hang the cottage, but each will also stand freely.  Each is one of a kind.  Adapted from a design by Gloria Bradford.

If you choose to have a custom color Cottage made, please include a Note to Seller of your preferred color combination and interior scene; please note that fabrics will vary from those pictured.

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