Witch's Cottage

We Keep You In Stitches

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Halloween approaches, and everyone wants to visit the witch in the woods.  And why not?  She lives in a cozy cottage and her black cat always welcomes visitors.  Dinner is bubbling in the cauldron, and tho her yard may be a bit overgrown, one can still walk around and read the tombstones, and say hello to the little creature who lives there.  Her treats are always the best!

The Witch's Cottage is made of cotton fabrics and mounted on a wooden base.  Each cottage has a cauldron, spell book and black cat inside; the exteriors vary, but include a small graveyard, rickety fence, stepping stones, broom and jack-o-lantern.  You may choose from the houses I have in stock, or you may choose a fabric color for the house, which I will make just for you. Each is one of a kind, and fabrics and base size will vary.