We Keep You In Stitches

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Alighting for a moment, Pegasus stands regally, confident in his strength and beauty.  A creature of the air, he is also at home with the earth-bound.  He'll be gone before you know it, and his grace in the air is heart-stopping.  A sight one might see only once or twice in a lifetime.

Pegasus is made of panne velvet with beaded eyes and a mane and tail of lush fibers.  His wings are wired for posing, and his front legs are jointed.  Pegasus stands about 12" tall.  Pegasus is available in colors shown; if you'd like a custom color Pegasus, include your choice in a "Note to Seller", on the shopping cart page.  Please note I have none in stock at the moment, but you can order one using the "Custom Color" option on this page.