Fairy's Yard

We Keep You In Stitches

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Lovely Fairy Vignettes could be featured in "Better Fairy Homes and Gardens" magazine!  These interior design pieces make me want to be really, really small so I could live in them.  ***sigh***  But since I'm not, I'll just have to settle for knowing the local fairies live in lovely little rooms like these.

The Fairy's Yard is contained in a handmade wooden box.  It is 13" wide, 10" deep and 14" at its highest point.  It holds a swing on a tree branch, a wheelbarrow, mailbox and a lounge chair with umbrella.  A string of tiny LED lights add a glow of fairy light to the room (lights are powered by 2 button batteries; an extra set is included).  The box is decoupaged with mulberry papers and various nature images.  One of a kind.

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