Fairy House - Floating Butterfly Spa

We Keep You In Stitches

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When you need some "me time", here's the place for you.  The Floating Butterfly Spa, where you can soak in a tub and wrap yourself in a fluffy towel to dry, then visit the rooftop garden where you can meditate among the flowers, or toss a coin into the well and make a wish.

The Floating Butterfly Spa is made of book set slipcases.  The glass bathtub is joined by a bench and vanity made of twigs, embellished with moss and glitter.  The rooftop garden holds a miniature wishing well, tiny flowers and a small tin birdhouse; it is surrounded by skeletonized leaves.  The boxes are decoupaged with mulberry papers and embellished with moss, and is about 11"x6.5"x10"tall.  Battery operated fairy lights add a little magic to the scene (an extra set of batteries is included).  One of a kind.

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