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Mermaid on a Seashell

We Keep You In Stitches

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Sitting on the ocean floor, these little mermaids are having a little tete-a-tete.  Perhaps they discuss who has found the loveliest pearls, and what they will wear to the Ocean Queen's Ball this year.  They will drink salt wine and nibble on shrimp toast to pass the daylight hours, then retire to their driftwood manors for the night.

The mermaids are made of cotton fabrics with a sculpted and painted face.  Hair is made of hand-dyed wool locks or lambswool, and they are embellished with faux pearls.  Their tails are made of various apparel fabrics.  They sit on a ceramic (aqua and emerald) or an actual (pale blue) seashell.  Each lady is about 11" long, but is about 7" tall sitting.  Each is one of a kind.

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