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Asleep Under the Sea

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Even mermaids have to sleep sometime!  This one has made a bed of driftwood and made it her own with treasures she's found under the sea.  It's so relaxing, she may want to stay in bed, and have everyone come to her!  But no doubt, after a good rest, she'll be back about her business of finding pearls, collecting seashells, and cleaning the seabed of lost fishnets.

Asleep Under the Sea is composed of 2 pieces, the bed and the mermaid.  The bed is made of old bark embellished with fishnets, seashells, sea stars, beads, "seaweed" and glitter.  The mermaid is made of cotton fabrics with a painted and sculpted face. Her hair is hand-dyed Tibetan lamb; the bedclothes are cotton fabrics with a polyester fishnet coverlet.  The bed is about 16" long, 8" wide and 13" high.  The mermaid is about 15" long.  One of a kind.

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