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The Gnome and the Pixie

We Keep You In Stitches

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A little gnome is deep in conversation with a pixie - what could they be talking about?  What's new in the forest?  Who is attending the Midsummer Ball?  The latest gossip, you can be sure!  As long as the warm afternoon sun shines between the trees, they'll stay and talk; but once the chill of evening creeps in, they'll be off for a cup of tea and a bite of cinnamon toast!

The Gnome and the Pixie figures are made of velour with sculpted faces highlighted with ink and colored pencil.  Their clothing is made of wool felt; his hair is yarn, hers is multicolored faux fur.  The wooden base is embellished with moss and silk leaves; the large mushroom is ceramic.  The gnome is about 12" tall, the pixie is about 16" tall seated on the mushroom.  One of a kind.

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