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At Home in the Woods

We Keep You In Stitches

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Inside an old tree trunk you can find these old friends sitting together and looking up the tracks left by a strange creature called "man".  It's not something they see very often, and the little mouse was wondering if these tracks mean danger.  His Fae friend keeps him company, and between the two of them they've figured it all out.  No danger yet, at least not that they can see; so they'll be careful, but if they see a stranger in the woods, they have a safe hidey-hole!

At Home in the Woods figures are made of velour and various fabrics; the Fae has a sculpted face with inset glass eyes and wool hair.  They sit on a tiny hooked rug, and read by miniature candlelight.  The stump is made of real tree bark on a 9" diameter base.  The Fae is about 6" tall sitting, the mouse is about 3" tall.  The stump is 14" at its tallest point.  One of a kind.

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