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Dragon Eggs - Small

We Keep You In Stitches

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A rare keepsake of adventure, from the time spent in the Dragon's Tooth Mountains (when you were young and foolish), a dragon's egg will surely bring back memories.  Will they ever hatch?  Well, surely someday; but dragon eggs have a very long incubation period - around 200 years - so you may have a long wait.  Disclaimer:  no dragons were harmed during the egg harvest!

Dragon eggs are made of polymer clay over blown duck eggs.  Embellishments include glitter and Swarovski crystals; and a coat of protective sealer has been put on each egg.  The small eggs are about 2-1/2 inches tall, and are available in jeweled, scaled, half-scaled, taloned, veined, vine or half-color textured versions.  While not fragile like glass, the baked clay can be broken or chipped if dropped, so caution is advised.  Colors and styles are available as shown; if you'd like a custom-made egg, choose the "custom" option and add a note as to the style and color you'd like on the checkout page.  Each is one of a kind.


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