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Aquila the Dragon

We Keep You In Stitches

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"Aquila" is Latin for Eagle, and this small dragon soars with the eagles!  She may be small, but she is fierce!  Gliding on air currents, she looks down on the earth and watches those strange two-legged creatures called "Man".  She has friends among them, and Aquila treasures that friendship more than gold.

Aquila is made of cotton fabrics, with painted features and paint embellishments.  She is about 18" at the widest point, and about 16" tall to the top of her head, balanced on her pedestal.  She is attached by a removeable chain link leash, and her tail is wired for posing.  The pedestal is a ceramic candlestick.  One of a kind.  Adapted from a design by Melinda Patterson.

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